WrapID Cord Wrap

It only has to be 2 feet but it came with a 6-foot long charging cord. The unique 2-part design attaches to - and stays with - a USB charging cord during use. Just lay the cord in the center channel, reattach the lid and wrap the cord’s ends around the center of the wrap to shorten to the desired length. The rubber sides neatly keep the cord inside, intact and protected. Or completely wrap the cord to take the USB with you in your briefcase, backpack, purse, travel bag or messenger bag. Write your name on the included ID strip to let everyone know this USB is yours or what the USB is used for. Don’t they all tend to look alike? Perfect in the office, at school and especially when traveling. Protected. Untangled. Identified. Available in white, high-gloss finish with 4 fun accent colors: blue, pink, emerald and black.