Earbud Case

Earbuds are getting more expensive, packed with more and more features requiring sensitive electronics. Why would you throw them in the bottom of a bag to tangle or worse yet, get damaged? Achieve the ultimate in earbud protection with Dotz Earbud Case. Sized to fit most in-ear headphones, the hard-shell exterior with soft, cushioned interior holds the wrapped cord, plug-in jack and earpieces not only preventing tangling, but preventing damage to fragile electronic connections. Simply insert the earpieces in the holder, wrap the cord and press the jack into its flexing holder to secure. The low profile base makes wrapping so easy. Snap it shut to then pop the Earbud Case in your pocket or bag, knowing that your ‘buds are safe and secure for the next use. Perfect for at-home listeners to the extensive traveler. Available in white, high-gloss finish with 4 fun accent interior colors.